During my C|EH class a few months back my instructor was distributing various class materials through Dropbox. Now I had heard of Dropbox at that point but didn’t believe I had a use for it. After watching how simple it was for him to transfer files from his local computer to Dropbox, I was hooked.

Dropbox comes with 2GB of free space while offering more space for a monthly fee. Your Dropbox files can be accessed in two ways, through software or using a browser. The software is a tiny application that runs in the background. The Windows’ client adds a Dropbox folder to Windows Explorer making it very easy to save files directly to Dropbox. Files are synced almost instantly as long as there is an active internet connection.

I can envision a number of uses for software such as this. Many of which I know are all ready in use in a number of organizations. Need a cheap offsite backup? Want to share files between your PC and iPhone? Need to quickly make some files available to a group of friends using a variety of internet capable devices? Dropbox is the answer.

Dropbox isn’t perfect and recently had a very serious security breach. A breach like that could be a huge deal if a company was storing non-encrypted data containing personally identifiable information with the service. Good luck reporting that to relevant authorities.

The simplicity of the Dropbox’s service makes it something even computer novices can make use of. The security risks are there, but really are not much different from any other cloud storage service. With the ever increasing number of operating systems and internet connected devices we use, utilizing a service such as Dropbox can make our lives easier. Just make sure to encrypt those precious Justin Bieber songs to save everyone the horror of having to listen to them when they end up on the torrents.

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