When it rains it pours

Three new cases were dropped on my desk this morning, and the cases range from two to six servers. Each case will require the relevant network to be hosted for six or more months. It looks like we’re going to be putting the new server room to use sooner than we thought.

We’re going to have a nice mixture of operating systems and hardware. It’s going to range from decade old HPs to brand new Dells. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that we’re going to be getting some use out of the old hardware we have hanging around in the form of replacements.

One of the networks is currently being hosted over at a hosting company in Boston. They are providing cooling and electricity only, no administration whatsoever. As you can imagine the network is slowly falling apart as disks become full of logs and the operating systems fall further and further behind in security updates. One server in particular is in quite poor condition. For some reason or another, the administrator gave a Server 2003 a 8GB operating system partition (really?). If that wasn’t bad enough, the server is also the terminal server which means it has a fair amount of user profiles flooding the operating system partition.

I believe a number of the servers need to have their computer accounts reset due to a lost trust relationship with the domain controller. Either that, or the former admin is having some fun messing with the firewalls. Either is possible considering I have very little to no information about the network configuration.

It shaping up to be an interesting next few months!

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