Azure AD and SharePoint Online / OneDrive for Business Part 1

Over the past year I’ve spent significant time diving into the weeds of Azure AD and Azure AD Connect. In previous posts I’ve covered what happens behind the scenes when a user authenticates to Azure AD, whether it be a MS Live ID, Azure AD “cloud” identity, or a federated identity. Today I will be beginning a new series exploring how SharePoint Online and OneDrive for business leverage Azure AD for authentication and authorization services as well as an identity data store.

Before I begin the series I want to discuss the setup I will be using.

  • Domains:,,
  • Azure AD Tenant 1
    DNS Domain:
    Subscriptions: Azure AD Premium, Office 365 Business Premium

    We’ll refer to this instance of AAD as the destination AAD.

  • Azure AD Tenant 2
    DNS Domain:
    Subscriptions: None

    This is an independent instance of AAD.

  • Azure AD Tenant 3
    DNS Domain: None
    Subscriptions: None

    This instance of AAD has been provisioned by a global admin of the destination AAD. This means that the global admin has the ability to add users from this instance of AAD to the destination AAD through the Azure Management Portal.

  • Azure AD Tenant 4
    DNS Domain:
    Subscription: None

    This instance of AAD doesn’t exist yet. It will be provisioned when we leverage the B2B feature to invite a user that has an email address with the domain name.

The above will provides a good pool of AADs to play with different scenarios. In my next post I will provide a high level overview how AAD comes into play when sharing content in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.

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