Rapsberry Pi, The Wallet-Sized Computer

Work and the like has kept me busy, but I finally have some time to post.

Last week I got around to purchasing a Raspberry Pi. If you’re not familiar with the Raspberry Pi project, you can read more about it here. Essentially, the Raspberry Pi is a wallet-sized computer (no, not George Costanza size) that can run variants of Linux.

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The device comes equipped with the following ports:

  • 2x USB 2.0
  • HDMI
  • Audio Out
  • RJ 45
  • Mini-USB Port for Power


You can purchase them from a variety of sites, I went with Amazon (Amazon Prime for the win!). With your purchase you’ll want to pick up an SD card, wireless card, an enclosure, and a mini-USB charger (I used an old cell phone charger). I also opted to go with a powered USB hub because I was greedy and wanted more USB ports. You will also need a way to access the SD card on your computer. I ended up hooking up an old digital camera to my computer and using that to get the files on the SD card. Here is a listing of what I purchased on Amazon:

There are a number of guides out on the internet that provide instructions for installing the operating system on the Pi. Berryboot worked perfect for me. The site has instructions, but I’ll give you the short. Download the ZIP to your computer, extract it to an SD card, put the SD card into the PI, and boot. The wizard will guide you through the rest.

I’ll update the site with more information as I begin using the device.

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