Website Updates

Hi everyone. The site is coming along slowly but surely, which the same can be said about my understanding of XHTML and CSS. Thankfully there is a treasure trove of information out on the web and there is no shortage of examples and code snippets to learn from. Along with information from the web, I have been reading two books about the subjects.

I started out with Building Your Own Web Site The Right Way Using HTML and CSS by Ian Lloyd. The book is very much a beginners book, and you have to take that into consideration as you read through it. There are sections where the author spends a fair amount of time explaining basic technology that will completely bore a person with some years of IT experience under his or her belt. The book does offer some advice that is useful to both beginners and experts such as how to properly indent code and how important adding comments is to explain what the code is doing. The author instructs the user to build a sample site throughout the book, with the site and code getting a bit more complex with each additional chapter. This was a feature of the book that I appreciated, since I believe there is no better way to learn a concept than to see it in use.

Once I finished the book mentioned above, I purchased Beginning CSS Web Development From Novice to Professional. I haven’t had a chance to delve too deeply into this book and I have been using as a reference book more than anything else. I’ll review this book a bit more in-depth once I’ve had a chance to really dig into it.

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