Load Balancing in Azure OpenAI Service

6/7/2023 Update – Added clarification that this pattern only works with Azure AD authentication to the AOAI instance. Another Azure OpenAI Service post? Why not? I gotta justify the costs of maintaining the blog somehow! The demand for the AOAI (Azure OpenAI Service) is absolutely insane. I don’t think I can compare the customer excitement […]

Granular Chargebacks in Azure OpenAI Service

Yes folks, it’s time for yet another Azure OpenAI Service post. This time around I’m going to cover a pattern that can help with operationalizing the service by collecting and analyzing logging data for proper internal chargebacks to the many business units you likely have requesting the service. You’ll want to put on your nerd […]

APIM and Azure OpenAI Service – Azure AD

Hello folks! I’m back with another entry on the Azure OpenAI Service (AOAI). In my previous posts, I’ve focused on the native security features that Microsoft provides to its customers to secure their instance of the service. However, in this post, I’ll be taking a slightly different approach. I’ll be walking you through a pattern […]

Logging in Azure OpenAI Service

Welcome back fellow geeks. Over the past few weeks I’ve done a series of posts on the Azure OpenAI Service covering some of the security features of the service. In my first post I gave an overview of what security controls Microsoft makes available for customers to configure to secure their instance of the service. […]